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Spell Changes

  • Divine Light mana cost has been increased to 35% of base mana, up from 30%.
  • Flash of Light mana cost has been increased to 31% of base mana, up from 27%.
  • Holy Light mana cost has been increased to 12% of base mana, up from 10%.
  • Holy Shock mana cost has been decreased to 7% of base mana, down from 8%.
  • Crits are now 200% instead of 150%
  • Illuminated Healing now stacks
  • Walk in the Light now improves Word of Glory healing by 30%, in addition to its current effects.
  • Holy Light will now also heal the target of your Beacon of Light for 100% of the healing done to your target (up from 50%).
  • Infusion of Light: Increases the critical effect chance of your Holy Shock by 10%. In addition, your Holy Shock critical effects reduce the cast time of your next Flash of Light, Holy Light or Divine Light by 1.50 sec.
    • Instant FoLs
  • Speed of Light now increases movement speed when Holy Radiance or Divine Protection are cast.

Avengers of Hyjal rep

Guardians of Hyjal Daily Quests

  • Turning in 20 marks unlocks Phase 2.
  • Phase 1 starts in Hyjal. You need 20 marks to proceed, it takes 3 days doing the dailies there.
  • Phase 2 involves getting 150 tokens. It takes an additional 11 days, doing four Fireland dailies and 3 dailies back in Hyjal, every day.
  • Then an escort quest opens up - which you apparently get to do daily. Now you get to do the 7 dailies from Phase 2, as well as 5 dailies + 2 escorts - a total of 14 dailies in Phase 2 and 3. Because you need an ADDITIONAL 300 marks to move to even see the vendor. This takes 12 days.
  • Now you have 3 NPCs visible, one being this guy. It takes 125 tokens to unlock EACH vendor, so 5 days. Per vendor.
  • To unlock the first vendor takes 31 days; to unlock all three takes 41 days.

Valor Points

  • Weekly cap: 980VP
  • Max of 7 Troll heroics (980VP)
  • Max of 7 heroics (490VP)
  • Firelands raid boss: 70VP (10), 90VP (25)
  • Occu'thar (BH): 35VP (10), 45 (25)
  • H BoT, H BWD, H TotFW bosses: 35 (10), 45 (25)
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