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Halfus Wyrmbreaker and Drakes

  • Drakes and their abilities:
  • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    • Whirlwind: pop cooldowns!

Valiona and Theralion

Ascendant Council

  • Each phase ends when one of the ascendants reaches 25% health. EM has the combined health of all 4, so you want to equally bring them down to 25%

Feludius (water)

  • ranged dps
  • Hydro Lance: must be interrupted
  • Water Bomb: randomly around the room, if hit, you get Waterlogged and must remove it ASAP by walking through the fire trail left by Ignacius
  • Heart of Ice: someone occasionally targeted: run to mele pile (attacking Ignacius), giving them a damage boost, then a designated healer should dispel
  • Glaciate: RUN AWAY! Get rid of Waterlogged!

Ignacius (fire)

  • mele dps
  • Flame Torrent: channeled, tank use CDs
  • Inferno Leap & Inferno Rush: leaps to target, then charges back to tank leaving a trail of fire
  • Burning Blood: someone occasionally targeted: run to ranged pile (people attacking Feludius), giving them a damage boost, then a designated healer should dispel
  • Aegis of Flame & Rising Flames: all dps switch to burn down shield ASAP, then interrupt Rising Flames massive AoE ticking

Arion (air)

Terrastra (earth)

Elementium Monstrosity

  • Cryogenic Aura: patches of ice under him, must get him out
  • Lava Seed: avoid these flare-like valls around the room
  • Gravity Crush: traps people, doing 96% of their health, plus fall damage, must heal
  • Electric Instability: chain lightning-like spell, gets worse over time, soft enrage timer


  • Phase 1
    • Conversion (mind control)
      • Worshipping: Twisted Devotion every 3sec, 10% increased dmg per stack, all 3 must be interrupted
    • Fury of Cho'gall: tank swap mech
      • mele swings gain 20k fire damage, patches of fire around the room, get out
      • mele swings do raid damage
      • Pulsing Shadows - use Raid cooldowns!
    • Summon Corrupting Adherents (adds)
      • offtank should grab and put next to boss, at 15%, drag to back of room away from raid, leap of faith the tank back, don't be near when killed
      • Corrupting Crash, like Shadow crash
      • Depravity: 20k raid dmg, corruption, must be interrupted 1.5sec cast
      • Sprayed Corrupted: cone, applies Corruption
    • Fester Blood: 30sec after add was spawned
      • Festering Blood, massive raid damage
      • 5 Blood of the Old God adds, must be killed before killing raid, snarable
  • Phase 2 (25% health)


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