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Rom'ogg Bonecrusher

  • outrange his AoE ability The Skullcracker
    • the chains trap everyone. You have to DPS through them in order to get out of range before the Skullcracker hits, because the AoE is an effective one-shot
  • H: adds

Corla, Herald of Twilight

  • Fear w/30k shadow damage
  • Assign 2 DPS to hop in and out of the beams, to prevent those Twilight Zealots from transforming into Twilight Drakonids.
    • hop out when stack hits 70, back in when it clears
  • Wait for 1 Drakonid to transform at a time

Karsh Steelbender

  • cleaves, don't stand in front!
  • tank must drag through flows of molten metal in center of room to build 5-6 stacks of Superheated Quicksilver Armor. This makes him vulnerable, but then he does more damage, so not too much! Then re-drag through the middle when it wears off.
  • H: Have the tank dip him in the lavafall for 1-2 stacks, pull him out for 4-5 seconds, dip him in for 1-2 more stacks, rinse and repeat. The trick is to never let the debuff fall off or he spawns adds. He cleaves so stay behind him.


  • berserks if Runty dies
  • Berserker Charges player furthest from her
  • Flamebreak: knocks back tank and dps
  • AoE fear
  • just suck it all up
  • clear trash outside to about fear aggro
  • H: lock the pups down with fear, root, hibernate

Ascendant Lord Obsidius

  • 2 adds: Shadow of Obsidius
    • put a healing debuff on their target
    • must be cc'd/kited by 2 dps
    • The Shadows can't be stunned, feared, or even damaged much, but they can be rooted, snared, and/or slowed
  • occasionally switches places with an add and drops aggro
    • tank picks up, dpsers switch
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