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Omnitron Defense System

  • Magmatron (fire): AoE fire damage
    • Flamethrower: get out of cone; if targeted, STAY PUT, everyone else will move
  • Toxitron (nature/poison)
    • Poison Protocol: 9sec channel: 3 slow slimes, leave void zones after contacting target, ranged get em
    • Chemical Bomb: increases damage taken by 50%: kite boss into clouds, players get out
  • Arcanotron (arcane)
    • Arcane Annihilators: must interrupt
    • Power Generator: dmg +50%, increases mana regen. move boss out of this. healers should stand in it
    • he has some buff that boosts his damage that must be Dispelled, Stolen, or Purged off
  • Electron (nature/lightning)
    • chain lightning: stay > 8yds apart
    • stay > 15yds away from players targeted with Lightning Conductor; if you have, move out
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Mini drake bosses

  • Maimgor
    • enrages, need tranq shot
  • Ivoroc
    • If you get Curse of Mending, DON'T DPS HIM!
  • Pyrecraw
    • stacking debuff, does increasing fire damage.
    • should tank by corner, so tanks/healers can rotate out


  • Arcane Storm (6sec channeled): someone must interrupt!
  • Remedy: someone must dispel/purge/steal!
  • Release Abberations: tank round em up until Green vial phase
    • all adds must be kept away from boss
  • Phase 1
    • Red vial (group up!):
    • Blue vial (ranged spread out!):
      • Mele: Biting Chill: 6yd aoe damage debuff RUN OUT
      • Ranged should stand > 6yds apart: Flash Freeze: tombs player and all nearby, break them out
    • Green vial (adds!):
      • Every 3rd vial is green
      • Debilitating slime: increases everyone's (incl. boss and adds) dmg taken
  • Phase 2 (25%?)
    • Prime Subjects are released: tank pick up quickly, they will Fixate on their current target after a few seconds. If Fixated, move away from the boss
    • face him towards wall, slowly kite, ensure no one is behind the tank
    • Acid Nova: small DoT which can be healed through
    • Absolute Zero: spawns exploding orbs you need to move away from


  • Beacon and TomTomPing the guy outside doing gongs
  • Devastation: instadeath because player has reached 100 sound and become Noisy!
  • Ground phase:
    • Searing Flame: horrible AoE, assign someone to interrupt by hitting a gong
    • Modulation: unavoidable AoE, 40k damage and applies 7 sound
    • Sonar Pulse: discs you must dodge, or gain 7 sound
    • Sonic Breath: flame breath, cast on player with highest sound, kite to the RIGHT
  • Air phase:
    • YOU MUST BE RUNNING as the phase begins to increase chance to get away from Flame Breath
    • Roaring Flame Breath: cast on player with highest sound, must kite and get gonged before it hits you
    • Roaring Flame: cleansable debuff you get for walking through the flames on the ground
  • ranged bunch up and stand perpendicular
  • Move to RIGHT if you get Sonic Breath, LEFT otherwise. Move back into perpendicular position after.
  • Dodge Sonic Discs
  • Air phase: kite Roaring Flame, call out for a gong when it gets close



  • /focus Nef
  • Vuhdo frames: health remaining
  • tomtomping on Kats
  • Beacon Blood the whole fight
  • Every 10% Nef drops, he does Electrocute: 100k nature dmg to raid: use cooldowns!
  • Phase 1:
    • Face Onyxia away, alternate away for Electric Discharge (her sides glow), sideways for Tail Swipe
    • take Ony down to 20%, then nef down 70-80% (2 crackles), then kill ony
    • have raid topped off before 90% and 80% for Nef's Electrocutes
    • must be > 60yds of each other
  • Phase 2 (Ony killed)
    • room fills with lava, get on 1 of 3 pillars, 1 interrupter on each, 1 healer on each
    • swim up to surface slightly away from pillar, then jump onto it
    • mob up there, does Blast Nova, 12sec CD, must be interrupted
    • Nef: Shadowflame Barrage: 25k shadowfire dmg on 3 people
    • don't dps Nef and trigger Electrocute!
  • Phase 3
    • Nef must be facing away from Skeletonadds
    • Offtank kites skeletonadds, dodging Nef's Shadowblazes
    • watch out for fire!
  • Links


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