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  • Phase 1
    • Whenever Beth'tilac runs out of Fire Energy, she will set herself ablaze, causing Smoldering Devastation.
    • Meteor Burn: 7yd radius, burns hole in web you may drop down through
    • Cinderweb Spinners: tauntable, once killed leave a usable web to climb up
    • Cinderweb Drone: once spent, siphon energy from Beth'tilac
    • Cinderweb Spiderling: food for the Drones
  • Phase 2: The Frenzy!
    • After she has performed Smoldering Devastation three times, Beth'tilac enters a frenzy
    • Frenzy: periodically cast, increasing her damage dealt by 5%, stacks
    • The Widow's Kiss: cast on current target, reduces healing by 14-22% every 2 seconds for 20 sec. Target also inflicts increasing Fire damage to their surrounding allies within 10 yards
    • Ember Flare: 500-21500 Fire damage to players on the same level as Beth'tilac


  • Quick strat (Nethris):
    • Dont run in to traps. Kite the dogs in to them. Immolation for damage, crystal for resetting dog buff stacks/resetting tank debuffs.
    • Rotate tanks to avoid too many bleed debuff stacks.
    • Hit Rageface for 30k+ single hit dmg when he uses Face Rage on someone. Immolation trap debuff helps.
    • Dont get hit by spear or by the spears lava waves.
    • Kill dogs before Shannox reaches 30%
    • Burn after dogs die to prevent too many spear stacks.
  • Quick strat 2:
    • Start the pull, but put a 55-60 yard separation on Shannox and Riplimb. Exceed 60 yards and they both enrage.
    • Kill Rageface first. The Shannox tank gets hit much harder as a result, but it's easier to deal with that than whatever Rageface will dish out.
    • AFter Ragefce dies, melee go to Shannox while ranged go to Riplimb.
    • When Shannox throws his spear, the Riplimb tank immediately runs towards Shannox. This causes the spear and Riplimb to be 30 yards apart when the spear lands, so Riplimb has to run 30 yards just to get to the spear, then another 60 yards to get back to Shannox. If you can slow Riplimb, or even get him in a crystal trap in the path he takes to run to the spear and back, will give both tanks enough time to lose their debuffs. In the event that the Shannox tank doesn't lose his debuff completely, he should still be able to survive until the next spear throw
    • DPS Shannox down to 35%, then DPS Riplimb down to death, then kill Riplimb, pop Lust and cooldowns, and kill Shannox.
  • Immolation Trap: random player, 2sec to get out! ~75k dmg + 20k dmg every 3sec, and increases damage taken by 40% for 9sec
  • Crystal Prison Trap: random player, 2sec to get out! must break players out
  • Arcing Slash: 120degree cone in front of him
    • Jagged Tear: stacking physical damage debuff
  • Hurl Spear: ~120k physical dmg to all ⇐ 3yds, ~50k fire dmg to all ⇐ 50yds. eruptions nearby
  • Frenzy: when players defeat Riplimb or Rageface (+30% dmg, +30% attack speed)
  • Magma Rupture: once Riplimb has been slain, he drives spear into ground instead of hurling it. This does ~50k fire damage, increases fire damage taken by 40% for 1min. More eruptions
  • Riplimb: attacks player with most threat. Reanimates 30sec after being killed.
    • Jagged Tear
    • Frenzied Devotion: unstoppable rage if he witnesses Shannox reach 30%. +400%dmg, +200% attack speed, +100% movement speed
  • Rageface: darts around
    • Face Rage: “GO FOR THE THROAT!”: leaps at random player, stunning/knocking them. More susceptible to crits. Stops when he receives a hit >= 30k
    • Frenzied Devotion: unstoppable rage if he witnesses Shannox reach 30%

Lord Rhyolith

  • Magma flows
  • stomps feet
  • volcanoes come out: 1 is active: magma lines, MOVE!
  • guide him to it, he puts it out, takes damage
  • adds running around, should be tanked to the outside
  • he cannot hit lava!
  • you dps the left foot to make him turn left, right to turn right, ahaha
  • P2
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