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General Umbriss

  • “gear check for healer”
  • announces Blitz on random targets
    • strafe away from current position (like Icehowl)
  • watch for Bleeding Wound, must heal to > 90% asap
  • mele/tanks watch for Ground Siege and get out from around him (> 20yds?)
  • summons trogg mobs, RANGED burn down asap, have stacking bleed debuff, explode in Heroic
  • enrages at 30%, pop cooldowns and burn

Forgemaster Throngus

Drahga Shadowburner

  • 3 phases
  • Invocation of Flame: flame patch on ground, which summons Invokved Flaming Spirit
    • targets random player, and slowly moves toward him, explodes for 50k per player(?) plus fire dot if it hits
    • all dps switch to it and burn
  • 2nd phase, some % under 50
  • summons and mounts Valiona, a twilight drake, and is immune
  • Shredding Swipe: damage and void patch to avoid
  • Valiona's Flame, frontal cone, keep Valiona turned away from party
  • at ~ 20% third phase, just burn


    • 5sec to find and get to safe spot: small black circle with a light purple spell animation around it, usu. near a player
  • Enfeebling Blow: knocks tank away, and debuff: damage taken increased
    • tank: don't tank with back to a wall, and wait for Erudax to catch up to you so debuff drops off
    • heal Erudax and hatch eggs that spawn adds
    • dps switch to immediately
    • random target: siphons life and roots anyone w/in 8yds
    • spread out some, but not too much to make finding the safe spot from Shadow Gale hard
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