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  • dont' stand in fire
  • rotate around firewall when he casts it, like Helion

Helix Gearbreaker/Lumbering Oaf

  • keep moving out of way of bombs being dropped around
  • get off wooden platform when he charges
  • if you get Chest Bomb, move away from others, or go stand under pipe so you don't get fall damage

Foe Reaper 5000

  • elemental duty at bottom. use 3 abilities to keep them down there and kill them
    • Dealing with the Molten Slags is easy - just use a 1-1-2 rotation (2xReaper Strike, followed by Reaper Charge). This will make sure that the Slags are always stunned, and don't go on rampage
  • tank up top
  • Reaper Strike: Cleave, don't stand in front of him
  • Overdrive: moving whirlwind, avoid it
  • Harvest (5sec): marks a rune on the ground and destroy everything on its path to it. Run past the mark, and away from it

Admiral Ripsnarl

  • Swipe: hits nearby players
  • kill mist adds that spawn ASAP
  • cooldowns after 1st mist when he comes back
  • When Ripsnarl is very close to death, he will begin summoning Vapors very rapidly. You should ignore them and burn him quickly
  • Nauseated from bad food, Satiated from good
  • eat 1-2 bad food, then 1-2 good ones
  • people stand in quadrants?
  • just eat everything near you, it's better


  • bubble through stupid frogger
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