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  • “kill the big guy in any encounter first”

Temple Guardian Anhuur

Earthrager Ptah


  • fight 4 different elemental bosses to get to him: tank and spank, stay out of bad
    • Flame Warden: don't stand in mele
    • Water warden: break people out of bubbles
  • run out quickly on Alpha Beams cast on random players
  • Crumbling Ruin on tank (others too?)
  • Omega Stance: 40k damage on entire stunned party
    • pop cooldowns before to survive


  • Supernova: just like Eadric the Pure, look away
  • at 60% and 30%, she splits into adds
    • whichever add you kill first, Isiset will lose its ability when she reappears
    • Astral Rain (usu. kill first) and Veil of the Sky (kill first if caster heavy)


  • kill seed pods he spawns, they heal him and spawn an add if left alone
  • randomly casts Consume Life Energy, raises player, strangles, suck it up and heal through
    • gives 10 energy each,
  • eventually casts Rampant Growth
    • 27,000 damage to everyone, spawns adds from any living seed pod
  • kill Seed Pods, heal through Consume Life Energy, make sure everyone is above 27k health always



  • lots of fire damage
  • Inferno Leap on random targets, heal through it
    • spread out so he can't hit more than one at a time
  • Orb of the Sun on random player, heal through it
  • Solar Winds: adds roam the room, avoid them–fire damage + knockback
  • Blessing of the Sun: increases dps
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