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  • level 84-85

General Husam

  • Bad Intentions: rams player into pillar
  • bombs everywhere with aoe knockback, don't get hit
  • shockwaves in 4 directions, watch out for dusty ground

Lockmaw (Crocolisk) and Augh (Pygmy)

  • normal mode: only care about Lockmaw
  • Lockmaw
    • Dust Flail: channeled ability, hits players behind him
    • Scent of Blood: light dot, summoned adds attack. AoE down
    • Vicious Poison: Aoe blob that slows–cleanse it
  • Augh
    • stay spread out to avoid Aoe fire breath
    • whirlwind: avoid/kite
    • poisons: slows haste by 40%
    • damage him so he retreats
  • Smack Augh when you see him, kill adds, and don't stand behind the Crocodile

High Prophet Barim

  • tank and spank with one short add phase
  • occasionally spawns Sun Beams: move out of them
  • at 50%:
    • pulls in everyone, and stuns, then knocks everyone into the shadow realm and goes immune
    • kill phoenix FAST in shadow realm

Siamat (Djinn)

  • Deflecting Winds: negates all damage done, until cancelled
  • summons adds
    • Servants: mele, with AoE knockback
    • Minions: casters with chain lightning
      • when they die, create small green hurricanes that damage the party
    • kill enough adds and Deflecting Winds will drop
  • Chain Lightning
  • kite him away from those hurricanes, they buff him
  • continues to summon adds
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