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Gate of the Setting Sun

Saboteur Kip'tilak

  • Sabotage: cast on a random player, causing them to explode NESW after a few seconds.
  • The strategy for this boss is all about positioning. Each party member must always position themselves in such a way that there are no bombs directly north, east, south, or west of them. This way, they will not get hit by trails of fire, and their Sabotage explosions will not detonate additional bombs.
  • At 70%/30%: detonates all the Stable Munitions with World in Flames

Striker Ga'dok

  • At 70%/30%: Strafing Run: enflames the platform W->E, N->S: stick with group
  • Disrupters drops Acid Bombs: pools of poison, move out
  • Keep tank topped off to survive Impaling Strike: damages 50% of health
  • Prey Time: DoT on random player

Commander Ri'mok

  • Continuously move boss up ramp so he can't stand in his Viscous Fluid
  • Don't stand in front of him: Frenzied Assault
  • Kill Swarmer and Sabateur adds
  • Sabateurs cast Bombard: aoe damage


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