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Leveling spec

  1. Speed of Light
  2. Fist of Justice
  3. Selfless Healer
  4. Clemency
  5. Sanctified Wrath
  6. Execution Sentence


Managing Holy Power

Always prioritize a Holy Power-generating ability over one that consumes Holy Power, unless you have 5 Holy Power.

Generate HoPo with:

  • Crusader Strike
  • Exorcism
  • Judgment
  • Hammer of Wrath

Spend HoPo with:

  • Templar's Verdict (it has no CD)
  • Inquisition (if it's ending soon)
  • Divine Storm (if AoE)
  • Word of Glory (to heal ally, it's a DPS loss)


  • At 5 HoPo: you have to dump it. Use Templar's Verdict or Inquisition (if needed).
  • At 3 or 4 HoPo: use a HoPo generator if available (CS, Exorcism, Judgment, Hammer of Wrath), or they're all on CD, blow your HoPo on TV/Inquisition.
  • At < 3 HoPo: only use HoPo generators. Wait for them if on CD.
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