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Mogu'shan Palace

Trial of the King

Kuai the Brute + Mu'Shiba

Ming the Cunning

Haiyan the Unstoppable


  • Stacks Reckless Inspiration on his followers.
  • Focus on interrupting the abilities of the followers, especially Cleansing Flame.
  • Kill order:
    • Ironhide: Makes all the other adds take 70% less damage when he's near them (channeled)
    • Hexer: Slows casting speed (can dispel). Shadowbolt type spell
    • Skulker: Stuns people for 5 seconds (2sec cast)
    • Oracle: Heals the boss and adds (Cleansing Flame, 4sec cast). Also fireballs (2sec cast)

Xin the Weaponmaster

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