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Scarlet Halls

  • Pick up meat and throw on mobs with dogs, and the dogs will turn on them.
  • up to 3 players behind a single shield in the gauntlet

Houndmaster Braun

  • Piercing Throw: damages path between boss and random player; make sure no one is standing between you and the boss
  • Death Blossom: leaps to random players with AoE: stay > 5yds apart
  • Bloody Mess: stacking debuff gained from the above
  • Summons hounds at 90%, 80%, 70%, and 60%
  • Bloody Rage at 50%: faster and more dmg, watch out

Armsmaster Harlan

  • Stand at top of stairs
  • Heroic Leap: jumps to spot in middle of room: stay out
  • Blades of Light: spinning path; jump down to avoid
  • Ignore adds, will be killed by Blades of Light
  • Dragon's Reach: don't stand in front of him
  • Berserker Rage: boss' stacking buff: dispel to remove 10 stacks
  • Classes that can dispel an enemy's buff:
    • Hunter: Tranq shot
    • Mage: Spellsteal
    • Priest: Dispel Magic, Mass Dispel
    • Rogue: Shiv (enrages only? will it work?)
    • Shaman: Purge
    • Warlock: Felhunter's Devour Magic, Doomguard's Dispel
    • Warrior: Shield Slam

Flameweaver Koegler

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