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Instructor Chillheart

Jandice Barov

  • Mark with Skull at beginning of fight
  • Wondrous Rapidity: don't stand in front
  • Gravity Flux: move away
  • At 66% and 33%, creates mirror images. Only kill the right one (marked with Skull) to avoid Flash Bang.


  • Maintain Bone Armor buff at all times by clicking bone piles
  • Bone Spike: cast on random players, removes Bone Armor
  • Soulflame: don't stand in
  • Rusting: increases damage, slows movement: tank should kite

Flesh Horrors

  • kill 4 Meat Grafts attached to them

Lilian Voss

  • P1: Lilian to 60%
  • P2: Lilian's Soul to 1%
  • P3: Soul and Lilian to 1%
    • same abilities, continue kiting the soul, even when trailing Dark Blaze

Professor Slate's Room

Darkmaster Gandling

  • Incinerate: heavy dmg
  • Rise!: summons Failed Students: focus on them over boss
  • Immolate: on random player
  • Healers: watch out for Incinerate dmg and students' dmg on party
  • Random player sent to nearby room to learn a Harsh Lesson solo from Expired Students
    • tanks/dps: just kill em
    • healers: gather Expired Students close to the Fresh Test Subjects at back of room and then dispel Explosive Pain from Fresh Test Subjects, causing AoE

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