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Shado-Pan Monastery

Gu Cloudstrike

Phase 1 (Gu 100-50%)

Phase 2 (until Serpent is dead)

Phase 3

Snowdrift's Students

  • Waves of Novices.
  • Avoid standing next to Flying Snow.

Master Snowdrift

Phase 1 (100-50%)

Phase 2 (until you destroy images)

Phase 3

  • Run away from Snowdrift if he fixates on you. Otherwise he'll Tornado Slam you for 30%.
  • Stop attacking during Parry Stance.

Sha Trash Mobs

  • Volatile Energy: will cast Explosion, large damage AoE.
  • Regenerating Sha: heals allies
  • Consuming Sha: heavy damage
  • Destroying Sha: Aoe damage

Sha of Violence

Taran Zhu

  • Meditate when you reach full Hatred
  • Be either inside or outside of Ring of Malice
  • Kill Gripping Hatred ASAP: DBM will tell you to switch targets
    • Move out of Sha zone if pulled in

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