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Temple of the Jade Serpent

Wise Mari

Avoid all water, especially puddles dropped by elemental adds when they die. Move to the inner most circle and run ahead of the rotating water blast.

Lorewalker Stonestep

DPS only one of either Strife or Peril until it has unhealable stacks (10?) of Intensity, then switch to the other. Blow cooldowns if stacks get too high.

Or, The Champion of the Five Suns

Kill suns, then tank/dps shas, heal/burn through Zao's random damage.

Liu Flameheart

Tank in the middle. Avoid waves of flame and really, really don't stand in green circles on the floor. Dispel the fire DoT ASAP.

Sha of Doubt

Dispel Touch of Nothingness ASAP. Stack and nuke adds with DPS cooldowns during purple phase, or after 40sec they explode and heal the boss.

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