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  • Divine Aegis is proc'd by crits
  • Holy Nova only affects party, put in slot 1, PI self and cast away
  • “Well, dear friends, disc priests are the best in the business at healing people who are already at full health… after all the bubbles have been spammed—and I do mean all—we spam direct heals. Because with our high crit rates, even direct heals turn into more shields. ”


  • int (1) > sp (.95) > crit (.8) > haste (.5) > mp5 (.4) > spi (.2) > sta
  • sp (2) > crit (1.3610) > int (1.2349) > mp5 (1) > haste (.6309) > spi (.4273) > sta (.2)
  • Will Fife: it depends on type of raid. in 25 mans, int is WAY WAY WAY more important because your job is usually to raid bubble, in 10 mans, you want more SP / haste because your more likely to be a tank healer. and yeah… it changed between 3.0 and 3.3… by the time 3.3 hit… disc was all raid bubbly… so int was more important.. in 3.0 disc and pallys were the tank healers
  • “Unlike Holy Priests, we don't gain anything from Spirit other than mana regen. Our spirit is not converted in part to spellpower, so there's no reason for us to be picking up spirit other than what we already get on our gear. The same goes for MP5. If you need mana regen, improve your Intellect.”


  • Tier 9 gear: Zabra's Raiment
    • 2 piece bonus: increases healing done by Prayer of Mending by 20%
    • 4 piece bonus: increases the shield from Divine Aegis by 10%
    • don't spend your Emblems of Triumph on items from badge vendors with an item level lower than 232. This is because the additional 5-man dungeons added in patch 3.3 offer better or equal options to 226 or lower gear, and there is no sense in spending precious badges on gear you're going to get in heroics you're running anyway.
  • For minimum entry stats for 25man Naxx, try and shoot for
    • 1600 Spellpower
    • 25% crit
    • 220 MP5 while casting
    • 20k mana
    • 1000 int


  • KT rep first



  • can gem pure +sp, or +int
  • meta: Insightful Earthsiege Diamond (+21int/+chance to restore mana)
  • red: Brilliant Cardinal Ruby (+23int) or Brilliant Scarlet Ruby (+16int)
  • yellow: Potent Ametrine (+10int/+10crit) or Potent Monarch Topaz (+8int/+8crit)
  • blue: Purified Twilight Opal (+8int/+8spi)
    • You'll need at least one blue gem to activate your meta gem, but other than that you may find it best to ignore socket bonuses featuring blue gems and putting Runed Cardinal Rubies instead.
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