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Phase 1

  • Start off all the way to the left in the corner.
  • Don't stand in the Slime Puddles
  • Green ooze will cast Volatile Ooze Adhesive on someone.
    • You can heal yourself if targeted
    • Optional: stack up on him to split the damage received if the slime makes it
  • After the green slime, move over to the right somewhat, be prepared to kite Orange ooze if targeted
  • Orange ooze will cast Gaseous Bloat DoT on someone

Phase 2 (80%)

Phase 3 (35%)

  • Beacon one tank, heal the other
  • Stay ahead of the tanks so as not to get caught in growing slime
  • Tanks will get increasing stacks of Mutated Plague, usu. switch after 3-4
  • Blow cooldowns: Bubble Sac, Lay on Hands


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