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Ruby Sanctum Normal Healing Strategies


  • Who to heal? Beacon tank and heal people with Consumption, stand in the physical realm in phase 3, where raid damage is much lighter
  • When to Plea? Anytime in phase 1, avoid in phase 3 when Corporeality is above 50%
  • What to watch out for? Constant movement in phase 2; Tank damage rises massively in phase 3 if Corporeality hits 70%
  • Cool tricks: Should be able to stand in melee throughout the whole of phase 2. Consumption effect can be Cleansed, even though it shows as a curse. Use Fire Aura for the physical realm.


  • Commanders
    • Buffs the mobs
  • Assaulters
    • Have cleave, shockwave-like stun
  • Invokers
    • Fire Nova knocks everyone back 20 yds
  • Guards

Mini Bosses

  • Saviana Ragefire
    • Tank: Face boss away from raid.
    • DPS: Stay behind her at all times.
    • Healers: Plenty of healing on her air phase the DPS will take a lot of splash damage.
    • Raid Leader Remember: Spread out by at least 10 yards and watch for her Nova. As usual dont stand in front of her as she has a frontal cone shaped AoE. Watch for the Air Phase in which she will conflagrate 5 people after picking them up in her Talons and dropping them, Healers be ready to respond.
  • Baltharus the Warborn
    • Tank/Offtank: Face boss away from raid / Pick up mirror image add and tank AWAY from raid
    • DPS: Nuke
    • Healers: Watch positioning and stay away from the Whirlwind and cleaves.
    • Raid Leader Remember: Periodically Baltharus will spawn a mirror image of himself, this image has all of his normal abilities plus a nasty WHIRLWIND, your Off Tank MUST pick the mirror image up quickly and move him away from the raid where it should be DPS'd down. An alternative method is just to have your DPS focus the main boss and go for a fast nuke, experiment and see what you prefer.
  • General Zarithrian
    • Tank/Offtank: Face boss away from raid / Pick up adds/ Might need 3 tanks or at least some Misdirect.
    • DPS: Stay behind her at all times.
    • Healers: Plenty of healing on her air phase and the DPS will take a lot of splash damage.
    • The biggest factor in this fight is the Fear, a Tremor Totem or Fear Ward is good here and will make a massive difference. Off Tank(s) MUST pick up the adds from the two side entrances fast where all RANGED DPS MUST NUKE ADDS. MELEE DPS WILL FOCUS ON GENERAL.



Halion has 3 phases, a straight forward mechanic and plenty of abilities. One you understand the fight it's not as hard as it looks. First of all as usual remember she is a Dragon and she has FLAME BREATH so dont stand in front of her as you will get caught in the Frontal Cone AoE.

She also has a FIRE BALL that will hit the ground and spread fire, you can see where it will land as there will be a marking on the floor before it hits, simply move out the way.

The third mechanic/ability involves the player getting a DEBUFF this player needs to RUN AWAY from the raid team, get the debuff removed by a player and will then drop NASTY SHITE on the floor, the longer the debuff lasts before being cleansed the bigger the NASTY SHITE. So easy to remember, Get Debuff = Run Away and shout out for a cleanse.


At 75% health Helion will vanish and everyone will need to head into the Void Portal apart from 1 Tank and 1 Healer, once inside you will start phase 2. At this point there will be constant AoE damage to the raid and also at periodic times 2 orbs will spawn that arc beams to Halion, the tank will need to rotate the boss so that the raid can move out of these beams and not get caught in the Cleave or Cone Breath while at the same time continuing to DPS.


At 50% you will need to send some DPS and some heals out through the NEW portal where they will DPS her from the other realm. At this point its basically balancing the dps both inside and outside the portal to make sure that she stays in both states thus allowing all your DPS to take her down. If you dont have two DPS teams running, one inside and one outside the portal then Halion will begin to fade to the other realm where she can regenerate, so it's vital your DPS teams are balanced well.

During Phase 3, those outside will deal with Phase 1 mechanics and those inside will deal with Phase 2 mechanics.

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