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  • remove debuff from players: Dampening Wave
  • burrows and appears under players, keep moving
  • run away from little red floating guys, explode big time on impact!


  • avoid frontal cleave: stay > 15yrds away because of Sand Blast
  • (H) summons Lava Pools with Eruption
  • run out of shadows, falling stalactites
  • H: use stalactites to LoS his Crystal Storm (DBM will warn), outside of his mele box


  • tank must face him the other way
  • Ground Slam: 3sec cast, tank must dodge it by running to the side
  • Shatter: GTFO! get > 15yds away
  • Elementium Spike Shield (mele) and Elementium Bulwalk (casters) are the key mechanics that put on a DoT on you, that breaks you out of Paralyze
    • Everyone else will get it naturally, but healers must damage him in some way, at the right time, to gain this DoT
  • Enrage on low health, can be removed
  • Holy Paladin strat:
    • Stay > 15yds behind him.
    • Save your Judgement
    • “Break yourself upon my body… FEEL”: hit Judgement on FEEL to gain DoT
  • Mistweaker Monk strat:
    • Stay > 15yds behind him (to avoid dealing with Shatter)
    • “Break yourself upon my body… FEEL”: hit Crackling Jade Lightning on FEEL to gain DoT

High Pristess Azil

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