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  • It is located beneath the Abyssal Breach, in the Abyssal Depths in Vashj’ir zone. The co-ordinates of the entrance are 71,29.

Lady Naz'jar

  • avoid blue water spout zones
  • phase 2: switch to adds
    • Big adds must be tanked, kill small caster adds first
  • H: watch moving white zones on floor! avoid them!

Commander Ulthok

  • lots of movement
  • Top off players getting chosen for Squeeze (2-3s cast)
    • teleports player on top of him (into zone)
  • avoid purple zones
  • Enrage: high damage tank attack
  • H: tank will kite around room, drops purple zones, they never go away

Erunak Stonespeaker

  • dps to 50%, is freed from MC
  • Mindless One appears
  • 3-5x: mind controls player with most threat, must be dps'd to 50%
  • H: Spell Link don't damage when he has a shield, heals him
  • H: LoS if you have purple beams?


  • phase 1
    • assign one aoe dps to kill waves of non-elite Murlocs
    • tank picks up Unyielding Behemoths and kite them around the room, facing away from the group
      • 20-30k damage knockback ability
      • cone frontal attack
    • dps kills Vicious Mindlashers
  • phase 2
    • dps kills 3 Faceless Sappers that appear
    • tank must continue picking up Unyielding Behemoths, as well as new Blight Beasts
    • Ozumat appears, casts Blight of Ozumat, a void zone you shouldn't stand in
  • phase 3
    • burn down Ozumat with 500% increased health, healing and damage
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