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Gormok the Impaler

  • Fire resist aura
  • snobolds will interrupt your school of magic for 4 seconds, try to wait to cast until DPS pulls them off you

Acidmaw & Dreadscale

  • Divine Shield can break out of paralytic poison.
  • green shit, run to Acidmaw tank to get it burned off


Lord Jaraxxus

  • Fire resist aura
  • Cleanse the dot on the tank whenever it happens
  • Ranged spread out to avoid chain lightning
  • heal people through Incinerate Flesh
  • stay away from infernals, have aoe (ranged must kill)
  • green fire run! Legion flame
  • Trinket: Solace of the Fallen (25 man)

Faction Champions

Val'kyr Twins

  • Fjola is light
  • Eydis is dark
  • /target one, /focus the other to watch their cast bars
  • DPS only: When one starts casting Twin's Pact (Fjola) or Twin's Pact (Eydis), DPS needs to switch to her, getting the OPPOSITE colored feet if necessary.
  • When one starts casting Light Vortex (Fjola) or Dark Vortex (Eydis), everyone must get SAME colored feet, to nullify the damage.


  • Frost resist aura
  • Beacon Anub tank
  • Phase 2
    • If chased by spikes, kite to FAR SIDE of permafrost.
  • OLD: Shield: Pride of the Kor'kron (10 man)
    • Don't want this
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