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Flame Leviathan


  • fire resist aura
  • Achievement: Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare: don't kill Guardians, they must be killed with flame breath


XT Deconstructor

  • move out of void zones
  • gravity and light boms, run away from group
    • light bombs: run to Sar
  • at 75, 50, and 25%, adds will spawn.
    • WATCH OUT: boombots explode at 50%
  • tantrum: everyone takes 120% max health damage

Iron Council (Assembly of Iron)

  • The MOST IMPORTANT THING healing the tank on the big dude (Steelbreaker) is to Cleanse the Fusion Punch DoT off ASAP!
    • Stop healing as you see him casting it so you're ready with Cleanse immediately
  • Don't stand in the rune circles left behind

Brundir (smallest guy)

  • run out on overload

Kologarn (Torso and arm dude)

  • run to stairs if you get eye beam, don't drag through raid

Auriaya (cat lady)

  • stack up!


  • Frost resist aura
  • Keep moving to avoid stacking debuff
    • standing by campfire (mage creates this) will prevent this debuff
  • stay out of small blue runes
  • After flash freeze, look for large blue runes, wait for icicle to drop, then step in


  • Frost resist aura
  • Silf is the add
  • If you go up, at the top, go on the sides
  • watch out for lightning coming in from the outsides
  • don't stand in blizzard near the outsides
  • heavy heals on the tanks


  • /focus Freya to watch for Ground Tremor
  • Ground Tremor: watch out, will prevent your casting for 8sec if you're caught
  • avoid Sunbeams of light
  • when conservators spawn, hide under mushrooms when they appear to avoid getting silenced
  • people with Iron Roots or Natures Fury will need big heals
  • big trees, then lashers, then conservators
  • kill roots to let people out


P1: Leviathan MKII

  • watch out for Proximity Mines
  • Plasma Blast on tanks
  • run away on Shock Blast (100k nature dmg to all targets within 15yds)
  • avoid rockets?

P2: VX-001 (anti-personnel assault cannon)

  • Heat wave is nasty aoe
  • Rapid Burst: laser fire in front of him
  • Rocket Strikes mark a small circle on the ground and beam of light
  • he'll wind up and do Laser Barrage, stand behind and move with him
    • casters and ranged should stay close to make avoiding this easier

P3: Aerial Command Unit

  • ranged tank should keep him stationary
  • Bomb Bots: ranged should root and kill
  • Junk Bots: spawn off green beams, generally not a threat
  • Assault Bots: spawn off red beams, must be tanked properly and killed quickly
    • Drop a magnetic core, should be used under the ACU, brings him down and causes him extra dmg

P4: V0-L7R-0N

  • all abilities retained: Shock Blast, Proximity Mines, Laser Barrage, Rocket Strike
  • all 3 separately targetable parts must be killed at the same time

Hard Mode

  • Push DO NOT PUSH button, 8 minute enrage, health and dmg increased 30%
  • Fiery Explosions - Mimiron will randomly select 3 players, who will explode soon. A fire will spawn from each explosion (for total of 3 fires). The fires will slowly chase raid members and may switch targets on the way. Used during all phases.
  • Flame Suppression (Phase 1) - 60 seconds after engaging, Mimiron will flood his chambers and douse all currently spawned fires.
  • Frost Bomb (Phase 2, Phase 4) - Spawns a Frost Bomb in one of the triptychs of the room. The Frost Bomb will grow for several seconds and then explode, dousing all flames in that triptych and knocking players back.
  • Emergency Fire Bot (Phase 3) - Uses Deafening Siren (25 Player), which silences players in 15 yards radius. Attacks with Water Spray, which inflicts 18,850 to 21,150 Frost damage, douses flames within 15 yards and causes knockback.
    • Spawn out of blue beams

General Vezax

  • Fire resist aura
  • energy field left by Shadow Crash good for dps casters, BAD for healers
  • Searing Flames should be interrupted
  • watch out for Surge of Darkness, increases his damage by 100%
  • Mark of the Faceless siphons 5k health/sec on target and anyone w/in 10yds
    • only on players > 15yds from him
  • no mana regen – no Divine Plea, etc
  • every 30sec, green crystals.
    • switch to Shadow resist aura – or not if priest is there
    • when destroyed, a green puddle forms, stand in it, regens mana, but NO MORE THAN 6 stacks of Saronite Vapors


Phase 1

  • kill guardians on top of her
  • interrupt Dark Volleys

Phase 2

  • kill constrictor, crusher, corrupter tenticles in that order
    • mele: stay away from crushers
  • 4? people click on portal to go into the brain room
    • don't look at the skulls (will lose sanity)
    • get out of there before brain's 60sec cast finishes (or get MCd)
    • outside people: crushers become even more important when people go inside

Phase 3

  • healers: face away from Yogg, to avoid Lunatic Gaze


  • Cosmic Smash - DBM will make alert noise
    • red zone under someone's feet
    • hits everyone, farther away, the less dmg it does
  • Collapsing stars - assign ranged, they do an aoe when they die
  • Living Constellations
    • offtank will kite over black hole to dispose of
  • Phase Punch
    • 5 (?) stacks will port the tank into the shadow realm, must swap tanks
  • Phase 2 (multiple): Big Bang
    • 8 sec to jump in a Black Hole, jump in with 4s left in the cast, and keep running through towards the wall
  • Phase 3: at 20%
    • black holes despawn
    • adds spawn, off tank must pick up
    • burn him
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