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Akil'zon trash

  • eagle boss' trash is a gauntlet
  • If you're healing, stay close to the tank

Akil'zon (eagle boss)

  • Static Disruption: This is a 35,000 damage AoE ability that'll hit anything within 12 yards of Akil'zon and leave a debuff increasing nature damage taken by 25%. If you have the ability to do so, dispel the debuff on the tank
  • Call Lightning: A big chunk of nature damage periodically slapped on the tank
  • A crapload of amazingly annoying non-elite brown eagle adds
  • Plucked: Periodically, a large white eagle will swoop down, grab a player, and fly slowly around the enclosure. Until the eagle's killed, it'll just keep carrying the player (who will also lose about 5% of his/her health per second), so you need to prioritize killing it. The saving grace is that you can still heal or DPS while you're being carried
  • Electrical Storm: Every so often, Akil'zon will target one player to toss in the air, creating an electrical storm all around him. Unless you're in the “eye” of the storm – i.e., directly under the targeted player – you'll take an increasing amount of nature damage each second
  • Collapse on Akil'zon before the Electrical Storm ability so that players never had to run far to get to the eye of the storm

Nalorakk trash

  • Crunch Armor
  • Totems: kill as quickly as possible
  • lock down a mob or two on the four-pulls

Nalorakk (bear boss)

  • Brutal Strike: This is a huge blow dealing about 80,000 damage, ignoring armor
  • Surge: This is Nalorakk's fun new ability, which will see him charging whatever member of the group is furthest from him. You have to rotate group members to prevent the same person getting hit twice
    • just have any Surge target move close to the tank after absorbing the blow so he/she won't be the furthest group member away for the next one
  • Lacerating Slash: This is an ugly bleed that Nalorakk busts out in bear form, dealing approximately 120,000 damage over 24 seconds
  • Mangle (maybe) ?
  • Deafening Roar: A 2-second silence. If you're a healer with access to HoTs, have them running on the tank before this happens

Jan'alai trash

  • snare/root effects you can put on the little bastards so they don't drum and summon more adds

Jan'alai (dragonhawk boss)

  • Has a straight line fire attack, watch for it.
  • Watch for fire orbs and make sure you don't stand near them.
  • That hit box is a little larger than the graphic.
  • Kill 1 of the hatchers.
  • Healers need to dispel a fire debuff which comes from the hatched eggs.
  • If Jan’Alai drops beneath a certain percentage, he hatches all of the eggs.

Hexlord Malacrass

  • Only 2 ads now. Kill them, blow up Malacrass.
  • Remember Malacrass will assume the powers at random of the different classes in your group due to his power drain.


  • Similar to Zul’Jin, he instead undergoes 2 animal forms instead of 4. Switches phases every 33%.
  • Lynx form: He rushes everybody and his damage gradually ramps up.
  • Dragonhawk form: He will dish out fires in a line from him as a center point. Watch out for flame pillars. It was a pain in BC, it’s a pain now.
  • Bear form: Randomly charges a player.
  • Eagle form: Spawns 5 random cyclones. They tend to stay stationary but will shift position every few seconds. Will shoot out lightning to players nearby.
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