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Venoxis trash

  • cauldron gives buff to reduce damage taken by 90%
  • Toxic Link: if linked, run away from other linked player!
  • Breath of Hethiss: frontal cone AoE. Pull these adds back to the nature resistance cauldron

High Priest Venoxis ("snake boss")

  • Toxic Link: if linked, run away from other linked player!
  • maze of poison lines on the ground
  • channels three beams that will chase people
    • Cross a poison line if needed instead of swallowing a beam
  • Breath of Hethiss: frontal cone AoE.

Mandokir trash

  • avoid a series of rocks being rolled downhill
  • associated cauldron (frost) gives you a buff that freezes mobs once they're hit
  • Juggernaut has whirlwind, run away!

Bloodlord Mandokir ("raptor boss")

  • Kill the raptor
  • Devastating Slam: get out, spikes and a red glow on the ground
  • Healers: Ignore the random deaths, stay out of Devastating Slam

Kilnara trash

  • Crowd control the caster in pulls if possible

High Priestess Kilnara ("panther boss")

  • First 50%: Tank and spank. Last 50%: Calls in panther buddies.
  • Interrupt Tears of Blood.
  • Pull 2 packs of panthers during phase 1 and kill them to reduce the amount of panthers coming in the final phase.
    • When they do engage you, AoE them down.
  • get out of cave-ins (these will be telegraphed by rocks and dust on the ground)\
  • she has some blood tidal wave ability, you want to be behind her

Zanzil trash

  • another cauldron – fire – does AoE to everyone, including self. tank should do it

Zanzil ("cauldron boss")

  • Three phases (Fire, Ice, Poison)
  • Cloud phase: Entire environment covered in gas. Grab poison cauldron, become immune.
  • Zombie troll phase: (tank only) Grab red cauldron. Gives your attacks additional AoE powers. Destroy zombies.
  • Berserker phase: One big mob? Grab the Ice cauldron. Attacks gain freezing powers. Slows down Berserker and kills them quick.

Jin'Do the Godbreaker

  • Beacon Yourself
  • Real World
    • Deadzone: looks like DK AMZ. step within it once you see Jin'Do start casting Shadows.
    • Shadows of Hakkar: 3-second cast attack that deals a ton of shadow damage to Jin'Do's immediate target and can chain to other players
    • Stay within bubble until next bubble forms, at which time exit bubble. jump into next bubble right as he casts Shadows of Hakkar again
  • Spirit World
    • destroy chains by standing on then, then Gurubashi Spirits do Body Slam: randomly picks a player
    • Twisted Spirits: need to be killed before they overwhelm your group
    • Shadow Spike: shadow crash, white circle spawns around where they're going to hit
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