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LuaSlinger is a Lua editor inside World of Warcraft. With it you can write Lua scripts to be executed manually or automatically based on game events, test bits of Lua code, and/or whatever else you can imagine doing with Lua and the Wow API (so long as it's allowed by the new WoW 2.0 restrictions).

LuaSlinger has 40 script pages and a Library page on which to put common code. You can execute each script:

  • Immediately within LuaSlinger by pressing the Execute button.
  • By typing /ls N at your chat prompt (where N is 1-40).
  • By putting /ls N in a macro, and putting that macro on your action bar.
  • By binding a key to that script via the game Key Bindings menu.
  • Automatically, by entering a game event upon which to execute it.

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